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Christopher's 2018 At Mill Mountain Theatre

Lots of fun and exciting things on the horizon for Christopher at Mill Mountain Theatre in 2018 as Resident Creative & Teaching Artist. In addition to teaching 'Playwriting', 'Middle & High School Acting: Scene Study', 'Elementary Acting' at Mill Mountain Theatre Conservatory, and outreach classes through Roanoke's YMCA After school program, Christopher has lots of artistic projects to share!

Directing & Choreographing Touring Production of A Year With Frog and Toad TYA

Last year Christopher was an apprentice performer in MMT's touring production of The Jungle Book, and now this year he will be directing and choreographing the touring production of A Year With Frog & Toad TYA. Having been "on the road" throughout the valley, Christopher knows how a touring production can be successful, and he's excited to work on such a fun and lovely show: Frog & Toad. The musical will tour throughout the Roanoke valley, providing all free performances in parks, libraries, and public spaces throughout the community. Christopher is overjoyed to be working alongside his friend & colleague Emma Gwin, who will Music Direct. Learn more about Frog & Toad here.

Directing Shakespeare's The Tempest

This May, Christopher will be directing local Middle & High School students in Shakespeare's The Tempest on MMT's Waldron Stage. This one-hour version, of what people say was Shakespeare's final work, has been adapted by Mill Mountain Theatre's Director of Education, Travis Kendrick. Christopher is excited for the challenge of directing a production in thrust style seating, and looks forward to auditions on Feb 16 & 17. Learn more about The Tempest here.

Writing New Play: Mother Goose Tales

Christopher is currently several drafts deep into writing his adaptation of Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes into a new play for Elementary & Middle School Students at Mill Mountain Theatre. The new work featuring favorites like Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty, and the Itsty Bitsy Spider (she just prefers 'Itsy') will premiere on the Waldron Stage May 5th and run for two weekends. The new show will be directed by MMT's Outreach Coordinator & Teaching Artist, Emma Gwin. Learn more about Mother Goose Tales here.

Organizing Young Playwrights Festival: Write Stuff!

Christopher is so excited to be organizing the 2nd Annual Write Stuff! play festival at Mill Mountain Theatre. Being the playwriting teacher, it brings him so much joy to see new playwrights see their characters come to life on stage. 3 plays were selected from the many submissions, to be produced as staged readings performed on the Waldron stage on Feb 10th at 2:00pm. Christopher is excited to be directing 8th Grade Playwright, Caroline Westphalen's play Auditions. Learn more here.

Christopher will continue his full time position at Mill Mountain Theatre, wearing many hats in the marketing department, education department, and administrative department.

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