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Christopher Directs Immersive Theatrical Ghost Experience: DEAD OF NIGHT

Christopher Castanho Creates & Directs Local Roanoke talent & Mill Mountain Theatre Conservatory students in Dead of Night - Immersive Theatrical Ghost Tour at the Fishburn Mansion. Inspired by the New York City production of Sleep No More, a site-specific work of theatre created by British theatre company Punchdrunk.

"In October of 1917 Junius B Fishburn hosted a lavish party in his elegant estate. Venture throughout the Fishburn Mansion on the centennial anniversary of the party and discover that some of Fishburn's guests never really left. This fictional experience is structured to be like a ‘choose your own adventure’ theatrical production. Follow ghosts throughout the house in this interactive performance to see pieces of the past and hear their stories."

A partnership with PLAY Roanoke Parks and Recreation. This kind of theatrical experience has NEVER been done before in the Valley.

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