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Christopher created  "Dead of Night", an immersive theatrical ghost tour at the historic 42-room Fishburn Mansion.  Inspired by Sleep No More, a site-specific work created by British theatre company Punchdrunk, Christopher directed twenty local Roanoke performers, ages ranging from eleven to forty in this original show full of characters inspired by Appalachian ghost stories.

This project was sponsored by the PLAY Roanoke Parks and Recreation, and was groundbreaking in the Roanoke valley, as it was the first of its kind.

A theatrical 'Choose your own adventure'!


Mill Mountain Theatre & Roanoke Parks and Rec:

Immersive Theatre Production

Director & Creator: Christopher Castanho

"In October of 1917 Junius B Fishburn hosted a lavish party in his elegant estate. Venture throughout the Fishburn Mansion on the centennial anniversary of the party and discover that some of Fishburn's guests never really left. This fictional experience is structured to be like a ‘choose your own adventure’ theatrical production. Follow ghosts throughout the house in this interactive performance  to see pieces of the past and hear their stories."

The Process

Christopher likened the process to something like HBO's WestWorld. He created all of the characters based on research of Appalachian ghost stories, then fabricated their own storylines which would then be weaved in and out of one another. Guests could interact with the performers and experience different scenes or scenarios.

In order for Christopher to create this immersive experience, he had to map out every room in the house and plan which scenes would take place where. Some of the scenes would bleed into more than one room, causing a ripple effect with the existing story already going on in that room. Below you can see the map of the house and also see Christopher's spreadsheet on how he was able to plan out show.

Fishburn Map_edited.png
Scene Tracking - MASTER.png
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